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Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart

1914, Bergen County. Constance Kopp has been sequestered on the family farm with her sisters because of a family secret.  While travelling into town one day, a motorcycle driven by the crooked son of a silk factory owner crashes into their buggy.  When Constance pursues  him for $50 in damages, he refuses.  Constance enlists the help of the local sheriff; she won’t be scared off , and she will get her money.  What ensues is a delicious adventure, with intriguing subplots and historical backdrop (the story was discovered in an old newspaper article about the real Constance Kopp and a real buggy and motorcycle crash.)  I, for one, hope this is the beginning of a series.  I like Constance, I like the historical feel, and I enjoyed the hint of a possible romance with the sheriff. For those who like Susan Elia MacNeal and Mary Miley, this is a great read.


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The Return of the Falmouth Book Baristas

The Falmouth Book Baristas are returning to share our thoughts on newly published books.  While new fiction is our favorite, we have a soft spot for new cookbooks, biographies and memoirs, and the occasional non fiction read.  We also hope to share some of the resources we use when looking for our next book.  Watch for espresso shots-brief reviews and recommendations- from our colleagues!

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